About the Pilkington's Lancastrian Pottery Society

An independent Society for people who have an interest in and love of Pilkington’s Lancastrian and Royal Lancastrian Pottery & Tiles. It was founded in 1997, the centenary of the start of the production of art pottery at the factory.

There are usually two or three events each year, held in different parts of the U.K., including visits to public and private collections of ceramics. The A.G.M. is held in March.

The Society produces illustrated publications containing reports on events, articles by members, letters to the editor and reports on current prices at auctions and fairs.

Index of previous newsletter articles (to December 2017)

Database of known shapes - Simple guide to pottery marks.


• Shapes booklet showing all known numbered shapes - AVAILABLE TO BUY - CLICK HERE


How many calendar tiles were there?

What other tiles were produced in this series?

This fantastically illustrated booklet shows all the known calendar and promotional tiles discovered so far between 1953 -2010.

Written by the acknowledged tile expert
Chris Blanchett.

For more details follow the link here.

£5 plus p&p of £1.50

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A NEW BOOK - only a few copies left.

Now available.
This is a book for collectors.

It covers all three production periods of Pilkington's Lancastrian and Royal Lancastrian pottery, 1897-1938, 1948-1958 and 1971-1975 (Blackpool). The book includes over 1300 images and runs to 400+ pages covering everything from buttons to pottery.

It can be ordered from pilkpotsoc@btinternet.com.

If you wish to reserve a copy contact us now. For further details click on the linked page right.

The book will retail at £39 +p&p.
Members of the Society may claim a discount of £19. See above for link to join.

• Examples of Pilkington's glaze effects

• Featured glaze this month: Flambé

Books for Sale

"Pilkington's Tiles 1891 - 2010", only a few copies left. (pub 2010)

"Tiles Tell The Tale" is an account of the five tile panels commissioned by Liverpool Museum from Pilkington’s Tile and Pottery Company in 1914. (pub 2004)

Pottery animals

Over forty animal models were produced - this is a sample.


Examples of various Pilkington tiles from a past exhibition at Bury Museum and Art Gallery and some classic tiles.

The Tile and Architectural Ceramics Society has an excellent website which includes information on Pilkington's tiles - just type Pilkington into its search engine!

Museums & Collections

Museum collections

History & Research

The Society brings together collectors and lovers of the products of the Pilkington Factory, as well as those interested in the history of the factory its Directors and personnel.

Social and Economic history is another area of interest for many members.

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